Tiny peepee

I am an idiot,because I don’t use my penis,I only play with other guys penises and I only let other guys touch or watch me jerk myself,I only touch other guy’s penises of it is smaller than mine or alot bigger than me,but it has been a long time since a man has played with me and even longer for me to have played with a penis that is not mine…I have only played and jerked other guys penises,I never had one in my mouth,but I really want to know what a throbbing penis feels like in my mouth And to have my throbbing penis in a man’s hands,I have been fantasising to get together naked with alot of men to play with with each other and make videos of us getting hard together and take photos of our penises being held together while we blow our loads over each others hard penises with a mixture of our cum over all of our penises