Tiny peepee

Hi,I have measured my willy with a vernier,because I am obsessed with accuracy and I measure 32mm when I am flaccid and when I am hard and horny,I measure 156mm. I would like some advice about this,my friends say it is not normal and I feel like they are right,because they allowed me to measure their penises to see the differences when they are flaccid and hard.Out of the 5 froends who let me measure theor penises…2 of them were 197mm when they were both flaccid and hard and the other 3 had a difference between 125mm and 220mmwhen flaccid and hard. I had to work hard for the results on their penises,I actually had to suck on their penises to get accurate results,their penises actually were a lot of fun to play with and in turn when I sucked and played with them it actually REALY helped me to get the biggest and hardest erection/hardon I have ever had in my life,I measured 162mm.
But enough of that… please if there are anyone who knows about this stuff,I want to know if it is normal for me to get aroused or super horny when I am touching someone elses penis and why do I have such a big difference in size between my flaccid and hard penis and most of all I really want to know why I don’t get hard or horny when I am with a woman?Only with much older women or younger men.please advise