The penis is used for two jobs, peeing and sex. When your  penis is erect, you can’t pee easily because a muscle closes the bladder  off. The shape of an erect penis varies. It usually curves upwards  slightly, and may point to the one side. Erections (hard-ons, boners,  stiffies) occur in males of all ages, […]

penis pump

I have used a penis enlargement pump for the last 18 years,and I see significant changes in girth and length. I know that it’s only temporary but they do work. I haven’t used them consistently to know if it would be a lasting change but they do work and they are fun!


Hi I’m Donny and my shaved cock is hard right now. I’m playing with my hard cock. I love to show my cock to strangers. I love jerking off when I’m getting fucked or sucking on a hot cock. I think that swallowing sperm is my favorite thing to do. I want to show you […]

My tiny embarrassing cock

I’m a 52 year old very fit male. The women say I’m very attractive. The problem is my cock measures 1/2 soft and about 3.5 inches hard. It’s very embarrassing. Most women laugh at it and usually don’t say a thing as we have intercourse. It usually takes me two minutes to cum.I’m so shy […]

my little gem

My little dick is less than 4 inches hard. It is probably my most unique feature, and certainly the most commented upon. The first time she saw it my wife said”My God there’s nothing to it”. It’s also been called a skin tag and a little pointy thing. My first girlfriend said I had minimal […]