The penis is used for two jobs, peeing and sex. When your  penis is erect, you can’t pee easily because a muscle closes the bladder  off. The shape of an erect penis varies. It usually curves upwards  slightly, and may point to the one side. Erections (hard-ons, boners,  stiffies) occur in males of all ages, […]


I am uncircumcised, which I love–my foreskin is loaded with the most sensitive nerve endings in my cock! Mt frenulum is also so sexually responsive! I am 6 inches long and 5 inches around–high end of average. I now practice tantra semen retention and can masturbate or have sex for hours, not cum, and have […]


I really, really like how penis feels in my mouth. It all started when I was in my teens, I could suck my own and did frequently. A couple years ago I finally grew balls and met up with someone and gave him head. I did it to see what would happen, and it got […]


I started tantra semend retention a year ago. I love it! I can masturbate four hours without cumming, and my penis feels awesome, sensitive, better than when I used to cum–and I can do it every day and as many times as i want. I feel energized and horny all the time! I am 6 […]


About three years ago I moved to Atlanta Ga. I’m 36 and have a large cock.. about 8 inches erect. I moved into a home that had a private back yard because of an 8 foot board fence. Soon after moving in a single mom next door and her 17 year old daughter started making […]


Hey guys, I can’t say I’m not proud of how my penis looks. But I’ve got this bump on my pelvis down on the right side of my shaft. I’m not sure what it could be. I hope an older man with experience could let me know what’s up. I’ve posted cock phot is of […]