The penis is used for two jobs, peeing and sex. When your  penis is erect, you can’t pee easily because a muscle closes the bladder  off. The shape of an erect penis varies. It usually curves upwards  slightly, and may point to the one side. Erections (hard-ons, boners,  stiffies) occur in males of all ages, […]

Never thought

When I was younger I never thought I would see the day I would take an erect cock into my mouth and perform felatio on it. The day came I was in an adult bookstore in a video booth. I had thought about it but never acted on it. I had been molested as a […]

It’s true

Yes, I’m here to say it is true. Men do give the best head. The first time I took a Penis into my mouth, my heart was racing. I was intrigued and explored with my tongue. Don’ let penis size worry you. Some of those shorter ones are heavy comers!

The Magestic Penis

Every time I see a Penis Whether it be at the gym or otherwise I feel a sense of awe. Everyone started their lives traveling through a penis. We love our mothers but I don’t think we appreciate our dad’s and his penis enough. A Penis demands respect and honor, it is pure masculinity. Masculinity […]


Micropenis is an unusually small penis. A common criterion is a dorsal (measured on top) erect penile length of at least 2.5 standard deviations smaller than the mean human penis size, or smaller than about 7 cm (2 3⁄4 in) for an adult when compared to an average erection of 12.5 cm (5 in). The condition is usually recognized shortly […]