My small penis humiliation story

I’m a 47 year old accountant. I’ve got a very small penis, about two inches soft and 4 inches erect. I’m still very shy about letting others see my cock because most ladies leave me soon after seeing me nude for the first time. Last month I was sharing an apartment with a guy. When he was away at work I would usually walk around the house or watch TV nude. I didn’t know it but he had filmed me with two hidden cams, one in the bathroom the other in the living room. I have a fetish of tying my cock and balls with string and using a dildo up my ass while a sit around. After filming it he sent the videos to some of my friends and even posted them online. Now the videos have been shared by so many people that it’s humiliating to go in public. I’m actually aroused by the thought that others have watched the videos.