My Small Penis Humiliation Story

I’m a 37 year old single professional. I’ve never been married and rarely have sex primarily because I have an extremely small penis and I was public ally humiliated when I was 21. My penis is about 1.5 inches soft and 3.5 inches erect. I was a virgin until 20 years old because I was so self conscious of my penis size. When I was 21 my friends, about 7 males and 13 females, gave me a birthday party at Myrtle Beach. We got extremely drunk and around three in the afternoon they asked if I wanted my birthday present. We had a hotel room and it was just us guys in the room. They told me they had a stripper coming and asked me to take a shower because they had paid her to give me a blowjob. When I got out of the shower my friends had taken my clothes and they physically took me into the bedroom naked. All my female friends were there. They had never seen me naked and they laughed and humiliated me. They took pictures and videos. That was the beginning of my sph fetish.