Tiny peepee

I am an idiot,because I don’t use my penis,I only play with other guys penises and I only let other guys touch or watch me jerk myself,I only touch other guy’s penises of it is smaller than mine or alot bigger than me,but it has been a long time since a man has played with […]

Tiny peepee

Hi,I have measured my willy with a vernier,because I am obsessed with accuracy and I measure 32mm when I am flaccid and when I am hard and horny,I measure 156mm. I would like some advice about this,my friends say it is not normal and I feel like they are right,because they allowed me to measure […]

My Smol Peen

I’m a 6ft 0inch tall man, 180 lbs. My penis is 0.9 inches when it’s limp and 4.1 when it’s erect. My penis is circumcised. It is pale, ivory, white on the shaft, Bandaid colored on the what’s left of my foreskin. And a bright, cute, hot pink on the tip (which is noticeably thinner […]

Small penis

My penis is small, only about an inch long when flaccid, and just about 5 inches long when it’s erect. I like the look of small penises, like mine, especially when they’re shaved, including the scrotum. A tight shaved scrotum is a thing of beauty, and so is a shaved small penis.

My erect penis

My penis is uncut and 7″ when stiff and 3.5″ when soft. I masturbate regular and enjoy having a prolonged erection. I edge for long periods before enjoying my ejaculation. I shave my cock and balls often and my semen is almost white in color. My wife likes to suck it often and encourages me […]