my cock

I keep it smooth and shaved, it’s around 6 inches and curves downwards, I like mutual masterbation and handjobs and I love cum and being showered with loads. I live in Melbourne Australia and have been only with one man for 18 years and we gives the greatest handjobs

I love my small penis

I’m Chad and I’m a 51yo bisexual male. My penis is 4.75″ erect and looks totally out of place on my 6’5″ body. I used to be embarrassed and ashamed of my small penis, but I have accepted it and now I love it. I have no desire to have a larger penis. I enjoy […]

My Embarrassing cock

I have a very small cock, soft it’s about 1 inch, erect about 2.5 inches. I’m 58 now and haven’t had sex in 15 years because I’m so embarrassed about my size. About 16 years ago I was totally humiliated by a lady. We had been dating about six months and had sex several times, […]